Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whom the Lord Calls He Qualifies

Markie just got sustained today to be the 2nd Counselor in the BYU 195th singles' ward!! Exciting stuff. We haven't even been married a year yet and now we're back in the singes' ward. We started church at 9, and he just got back home at 4.

What's really funny about this is what happened before today. A few days ago we called our families to tell them the news. This is how the conversations went with Tiffany's mom.

"Hello! Guess what?!? We have great news!"
"You're pregnant!" (never failed to be the first assumption of everyone we called)
"No, Mark got a new calling. He's going to be a Counselor in a singles' ward!"
"That's great! So Tiffany's going to be a Sacrament widow."

That's the funniest thing we've ever heard.

The old Second Counselor who just got relesed today told Tiffany that it's a tradition for the wife of the Second Counselor to have a baby while they're in the ward. Tiffany's very excited about this :) Mark is not. :( Keep your ears open for any exciting news!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cruising it California style

During Mark's Spring Break we decided to go to California and see his family. Mark's kinda like Superman. If Superman is away from the Sun for too long, he loses his power. For Mark, it's the California sun and Utah weather is his kryptonite. So it was obvious that we had to go for Mark's health. :)

We got to play tourist while we were in California for the weekend. We spent a ton of money on shopping for clothes, ate out for every meal every day, and even got to go to Universal Studios with his family.

Here we are on the Simpsons' Ride. Joseph really wanted to go on it, but it was pretty lame as you can see by our faces in this picture. The weird thing is that I completely tore a nail off even though it's a stationary ride...

Mark's sister Erin couldn't come with us, so either there's a safety space between the two guys, or we were keeping a space for Erin to be. I'm not sure which one that is.

Joseph has a knack for always being able to squeeze in your pictures.

This was definitely a space for Erin. At the end of the day we really liked imaginary Erin. She didn't complain about anything, and we could still all fit together on the rides. :) We like the real Erin more though.

We decided that we could replace imaginary Erin with Homer's head instead, at least in pictures.

As we were walking out of the park there were some women selling long stemmed roses. I pushed Mark toward them, but he just kept walking. I was fake mad at him, so as I stood in line to get movie tickets for us, he ran back to get me a rose. Sometimes he's so sweet. Too bad I have to push him to do it sometimes. :-p

Single Awareness Day! Good thing we're not single :)

Valentine's Day is definitely not my favorite holiday. There's too much pressure to get something great for the other person. I think that I feel even more pressure than Mark since I'm the "creative" one of the relationship. This is what Mark got me.

Chocolate truffles in a lip box.

A personalized caramel heart

This is what I made Mark.
A candy filled heart box. If you're ever doing paper mache I have a wonderful alternative to using a ton of Elmer's glue. I make my own glue out of cornstarch and water.

Cornstarch and Water Glue Recipe
Bring 2 cups of water up to a boil.
In the mean time mix 2 Tablespoons of cornstarch with 3 Tablespoons of cold water.
When the water is boiling add in the cornstarch mixture and whisk constantly until the mixture is thick and clear.

Let the mixture cool before you handle it.
It will not be smooth as normal paper mache mix, but it when it dries, it's perfect! Plus this is a lot cheaper method. You could probably even use this as a normal glue recipe, just use a squeeze bottle to apply.

For Mark's box I used just some red streamers and this glue recipe and it looked really professional. :)

Hate to burst your Provo Bubble...

Provo is known as a "safe place," but apparently not in our neck of the woods. Here's the story. Mark leaves one Saturday morning at 6:30am because he works at 7. He unlocked the driver's side of the door, sits down ready to start the car and then he notices that it was as cold inside his car as it was outside. Hmmm... And then he noticed that there was no window... And where did all this glass come from all over the seat? And... what?!? His radio was gone.

The night that our car got broken into, 2 other cars also got broken into. Only our car radio was taken. The people who live in the apartment above us got their camera and iPod stolen. We didn't know who the other car belonged to. We thought it was too bad that they didn't brake into our other car and take that radio because that was the radio that didn't work. Obviously if someone wants something they can get it, so maybe the moral of this story is this: Don't lock your car door so that they thief can get what he wants, and you won't have to replace the broken window.

This is our neighbor's car that was broken into. I hope they don't care that we're posting these. hahaha

Christmas on The Island

We got to spend both Christmas and New Years with Tiffany's family in Hawaii. When we got married Mark's parents promised us they would pay for our next trip there so we got to go for free :) Nothing like a free trip to Hawaii.

I don't know who let him have fireworks, but since Mark can't pop back in California this was a great experience for him.

This is a roll that we laid out on the floor. It went for a couple of minutes before it got to the end.

Besides spending time with Tiffany's family, we got to do a lot of touristy things. One thing we got to do was go to Kualoa Ranch and do a bunch of fun things.
We went horseback riding.

And ATVing

And we also got to go on a movie tour where they showed us a bunch of places they filmed movies and tv shows on the ranch... such as LOST (Mark's favorite!)
This is the penguin from 50 First Dates. He kinda fell over.

This is a print from Godzilla. It used to be 10 feet deep, but the cows on the ranch would fall in and die... so they filled them a bit more.

This is supposed to look like 2 gorillas kissing :)

And this is from Season 4 of Lost where Juliet and Jack kiss after they save the Island from blowing up.

This is the fallen tree from Jurassic Park where the kids are protected from the herd of dinosaurs running away from the T-Rex

It was soooo much fun and we got to see so many different things, but our camera decided not to work for part of our time there... plus it was raining almost the whole day. We got to see the tree stump that Yoda stands on in Star Wars too! If you find yourself on Oahu and have an extra $300 I'd say go and do it!

Another thing that we did while we were there was hike Diamond Head.

This is one set of stairs on the hike up. There's Mark's rump hiking up it.

This is the view from the top.

On our way back down.

Tiffany's brother Jared took us surfing while we were there too. It was probably the worst day we could have gone because it was soooo windy! It took us forever to paddle out there and the wind kept pushing us the wrong way. We caught a few waves each, but we were dead tired by the end and were pushed so far off from where we started that we had to walk a long way to get back where we started. Mark ended up cutting his heel on another board's fin and I have a scar from kicking the reef. Besides our battle scars it was still pretty fun.

Loaded up and ready to go!

We saw a Monk seal while we were there just chillin' on the sand. I thought he was dead, but then he started wormin' his way up the beach! Crazy!!

We took a photo shoot before we got in the water.
Then it was time to get to work.

And that was Christmas.

Gobble Gobble!

2 of Tiffany's brothers came to visit us in Utah and she cooked her first Thanksgiving meal which was delicioso! (surprisingly)

We decided to do some hiking so we took the long drive down to Moab to Arches National Park. You could definitely tell that we could do with more exercise. It was really embarrassing when an old couple carrying heavier back packs than us were passing us on the trail...

Tiffany and 2 of her brothers in Osama's cave (who knew it was in Utah?)

We made it to the top!

It was definitely worth the drive and the exercise.

While we were up there, there were families that were eating lunch next to the arch. What the picture doesn't show is a ledge and a huge drop right next to us. While people were eating someone dropped a water bottle and it started rolling down this ledge. Not thinking, 3 different people ran after it!! Luckily no one fell off the ledge, but the bottle sure did and we couldn't see it after a few seconds. Could you imagine risking your life for a water bottle?? Crazy stuff.

After our first hike Mark decided to stay in the car and the rest of us went on another hike. This one wasn't as breath taking, but it was still pretty awesome.

And that was Thanksgiving.

Halloween with Many

Mark decided that we should catch everyone up on what we've been doing lately, so we're starting with Halloween 2008, just because we have pictures (and also because we don't do much very often).

Tiffany really wanted to buy a pumpkin and carve a jack-o-lantern Halloween night. The thing is, she got really attached to the pumpkin, so carving it turned out to be a pretty traumatic event for everyone involved. The good thing is that he turned out to look really cute.

We named him Many (no, not many, Many pronounced Manny (MArk and tiffaNY = Many) see?? :) )

We tried to figure out who Many looked more like, and it ended up being Mark.

We bought a whole bunch of candy, but no one came to our door! This is definitely a different breed of trick-or-treaters. They got toward our complex, then crossed the street right before they got to us. :( At least we had Many, so that made it a little better. So that was Halloween.

We're Bloggers Now!

Hello all,

Mark and I have decided to follow the examples of all our wonderful family and friends who have started blogs. Honestly our lives aren't too interesting, but we've been told that as soon as we stat a blog our lives will become exciting just so that we can write about it and post pictures. We'll see about that. :) Hopefully we'll have something exciting to post soon.