Friday, April 30, 2010

Small Beginnings

So, we're moving. No I'm not telling you where we're moving to! Stalker!!

Why are we moving? Our place is too small. We've been here for 2 years and want a change. And we don't have air conditioning and it's hot! We made it through last Summer, but we were just married so our love made it easier to handle, but now we're realistic and it's freakin' hot here! I'm sorry for the people who bought our contract... I didn't tell them that there was no air conditioning. I still feel quite bad about that, but we need to get out of here!

Our place is so tiny, I made Mark go around and take pictures of it to show our kids some day. It's a one bedroom/one bath in Union Square. A small little kitchen in it's own little nook with no window, so basically the fire alarm goes off when I cook because the smoke and steam have nowhere to go! There's a swamp cooler in the bedroom, so basically we didn't like being anywhere else but the bedroom in the Summer! We'd even watch tv shows online just so we could have cool air on us.

For my future children--here's where we started our little family. May you be luckier than us in the future. :)

Our tiny little kitchen. Big enough for Mark and I, but not much else.

When we first moved in I tried cooking banana bread. The first time it just burned and I thought I just needed to get used to the oven. Tried it again, same thing. Couldn't be a coincidence! I called the office and the maintenance man came. He turned on the oven and left a thermometer in there and noticed that it never stopped getting hotter, it just kept increasing. We got a brand new stove/oven :) How did the people before us live??

The living room was so tiny. You couldn't really move the furniture or anything. It was probably 10' x 10'. On to bigger and better things.

The sink was outside of the shower. It was nice having that. No foggy mirrors and least!

Shower and toilet. You had just enough room to sit down and close the door. Poor Mark.

Walk in closet. Quite nice actually.

Bedroom/Office. We got a new bed almost as soon as we moved in which was nice.

I don't know what prices will be like in the future, but this cost us $585 a month when we first moved in, then they raised the price to $595, and we heard right before we left that they were going to increase the rent price another $20... glad we left when we did!