Sunday, February 14, 2010

Single Awareness Day.. Not for us Suckers!

So there's not much to write about Valentine's Day. Mark and I decided that we wouldn't really celebrate it. Then I realized it was on Sunday, and I could be nice and make treats for everyone in the Bishopbric. So that's what I did. I made chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered braided twists, chocolate topped rice krispies and peppermint bark (Mark's favorite).

While I was in the shower getting ready for church I heard the front door open. That's weird I thought, Mark's already in his meetings. I got out and on the bed was a huge box from Mrs Fields. It was a huge cookie! Mark can be cute when he wants to be. What's funny is that every Valentine's Day Mark gets me something that he actually wants. He loves cookies and I'm not their biggest fan. Last year he gave me a caramel heart and he loves caramel! Next year I'll get a video game, I can just feel it!

Since it was my Valentine's Day present Mark said I had to take the first bite. Why not make it a big one?!