Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stadium of Fire!

Mark and I scored some free tickets to Stadium of Fire this year!! (Thanks Jeremy and Christina!) Our seats were awesome. This was our view.

To start off the night 4 F16 airplanes flew across the stadium and after we sang the national anthem, 2 black hawk helicopters flew by and around the flag.

The entertainment for the night was SHeDAISY and the Jonas Brothers. SHeDAISY was good, but the crowd went completely wild when the Jonas Brothers came out. All you could here for the fist half an hour was teenage girls screaming their hearts out. You should have heard the crowd when one of the brothers said, "We love you." Holy earsplitting screaming!

The best part of the Jonas Brother's act was when they told all the parents to get up and dance while they sang Sweet Caroline, and then told them "Go wild! ...but don't hurt yourselves." It was great. Even more fantastic than that would have to be all the teenage girls singing their hearts out while semi crying because this meant the world to them. It was, in a word, fantastic.

At the end of the night they retired the gigantic flag by putting it in a huge oven thing and lighting it on fire. It was pretty cool. It burnt like a huge candle. This flag was first made a looooong time ago, and then during the Olympics in Utah they used the same flag to hang up in Salt Lake. It was time to retire it I guess.

The best part, and the part that we were looking forward to the most, was the fireworks!! Here's a little clip of just a few of the fireworks that were lit. Mark and I had watched the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire for 2 years sitting on the grass away from the Stadium and now we actually got to see if first hand! The only part that we didn't like about it, was that we had ash and debris falling on us the whole time....