Friday, August 20, 2010

To the Sea

Mark convinced me to get Jack Johnson tickets. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like Jack Johnson because I LOVE Jack Johnson, but I just didn't want to stand up all night and seats are expensive. He explained that it's at the USANA amphitheatre and they have grass seats. Well great! I'll sit next to the pot smokers and it'll be all good. We went with Taylor and Math and we get our tickets at Will Call. We all have our jackets and blankets bundled up and we look at the tickets--"PIT" Wha... Mark and Taylor are ecstatic at this point. Me? I'm 10 weeks preggers and I'm supposed to be in the Pit? yeah... Where are my grass seats?!

Mark and Taylor take everything back to the car and me and Math hold our places in line. We're there so early to get good grass spots, but now we end up sitting on the cement in front of the stage waiting for hours. We buy t-shirts, and I'm starving so I get a huge plate of Nachos. We make friends with the guard wearing a Steelers lanyard. We hear screaming coming from the side of the stage. What's going on? The screaming goes on for about an hour before Taylor and Mark go and see what's going on. Jack is having a concert on the side just for fun! We take turns going to see him while everyone else is sitting lamely in front of the stage holding their spots. Suckers!

The concert was amazing. There were huge tv screens behind him showing artistic camera shots of him. He sounds AMAZING live, and we all sang along the whole time. A few hooker faces showed up and forced their way in front of us and were disgusting and hookerish the whole time. They were there for probably half an hour before we harassed them enough that they moved on. It was so much better when they left.

Mark sang Angel in my ear when Jack sang it which was beautiful and touching, and Jack even gave us 2 encores. It was so much fun and even though I had to go to the back of the Pit and just sit a few times, it was worth it to be so close to the stage. What an amazing night!! (Minus the hour (literally) it took to get out of the parking lot, but why talk about that?) It was my first concert and Baby's first concert, yes I'm counting it. That's my choice.

Before the concert started. Look how close we are! I tried really hard to pretend like the sun wasn't blinding me. My retinas are still feeling it.

He was literally having a side concert. It was so cool!

We were so close!

The screens were a piece of artistic genius.

We're so lucky to have so many great experiences!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We went to our first doctor's appointment today and we got to get an ultrasound! I don't think either of us thought that we'd get one this soon, but low and behold here we are!

Apparently our baby is already "cute" says the ultrasound tech. I'm not sure what she sees that I don't, but if "cute" is what it is, then cute is what it is. Currently the little tyke is the size of a gummy bear. I guess "cute" as in gummy bear makes sense.. I mean how cute is a gummy bear right? Anyway. Our experience was interesting.

The actual appointment with the doctor was great! The nurses and staff were super happy and everyone just kept saying "Congratulations!" and stuff. It's all so positive and uplifiting! Then we went to get our ultrasound. We had to wait for someone else to get out which was fine, we just sat and waited. They were in there for a while, so I thought that we'd be in there for a while too! Well no.

The lady got pretty upset with me. I asked the doc if I could film it with my camera and he said Of course. So I go in there and think that I'll be able to film it. She tell me no, that the doc has no idea what he's talking about and it's against the law.. well ok then. I still wanted to record something so I turn my camera from film to sound record. I start recording the heart beat and she catches me and throws me this look. So I stop it. Then it's over, she says it's cute and she walks out leaving me lying there with jelly on my belly. "Do you think she's coming back Mark?" "Nope." So I clean myself up and we leave. Nice bedside manners huh? Oh well, Baby's fine and that's all I can ask for.