Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mark's Birthday!

Sometimes I need a reason to be creative. This time it was Mark's birthday. I decided that I wanted to surprise him at work with a little treat. I was thinking about what I could do and I decided that everyone would love some icecream after lunch, so that's what I decided to do. But icecream is so boring in just a paper bowl right? Right! So I decided to make chocolate bowls to put a scoop of icecream in.

I can't take credit for this piece of supreme genius. I totally stole this off of another person's blog, but moral of the story is that it worked and it was so super cool to make!

Here's what you do. You melt candy melts in the microwave and let it sit and cool for a little bit. Then you melt some chocolate and drizzle it on top of the melted candy melts. Then you dip in a balloon, let it drain off, place it on a sheet tray of wax paper, and stick it in the fridge to harden. It only takes about 10 minutes. Poke a small hole at the top of the balloon and let the air leave. The balloon will pull away from the candy melts and you'll have a wonderful chocolate marbling as a decoration. So Easy right?! Here's what it looks like.

My refrigerator looked so fun!

I used water balloons. So hard to blow up, but the perfect size!

The balloons just pull away from the candy. It's magical.

Close up.

Stylish right?! And soooo easy!

Everyone loved it! The only downside was that I made these the day before and Mark couldn't go in the fridge at all. So basically if he needed anything I had to go in the fridge for him and get it. Oh well, it was a good surprise, so it was all worth it!

Mark's so easy to please some times. I asked him what he wanted to eat for his birthday the week before and all he said was miso soup. So I made him miso soup from scratch. I basically made him miso soup from scratch every day for 2 weeks! Love him.