Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Fathers' Day in California

We're so lucky Mark's family lives so close! We got to go to California for Fathers' Day and spend a weekend with them. On the way down we picked up Grandpa Bill and we took our merry journey. While we were there we went on a fishing trip. I had only gone deep sea fishing one other time before, but this used to be a Fathers' Day tradition for the Shinoda family.

While we were on the boat there were hundreds of dolphins all over! I'm not exaggerating. They kept coming up to the boat and swimming along side us. We would keep going and find another pod of dolphins after another pod after another. We have some great pictures of the dolphins.

They were literally everywhere you looked around in the ocean.

I don't know if we just smelt really good with all the sardines on board, but the dolphins kept coming up to us! It was like a sightseeing boat ride instead of a fishing trip.

That white corner of the picture is the boat, so they were literally swimming with us!

The sardines.

So.. I got a bit sick all morning on the boat, so I have no pictures of people actually fishing.. yeah I know.. Anyway, at the end of the morning we had so much sardines left! There were birds that kept flying around the boat so I told Mark's little cousin Ally to throw they up at them.

Mark actually threw one perfectly and the fish ate it before it hit the water. The boat crew were pretty upset with us actually... something about us having to pay for all the extra bait.. but it was a once in a lifetime experience! (and we weren't paying anyway :) )

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