Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm not Raggu! I'M PREGGO!!!


So.. I had an inkling that I was before we went to California, but I took a test and it was negative. It was too soon before my missed period for the test to really take effect. This is how I knew.

Mark and I were at work and we ate lunch together. They served pork chops. Generally I'm a pork fan, but that day after I ate it I felt absolutely horrible! I went straight to the bathroom and felt like I was going to puke! Oh Oh! Straight after work I went to the store and bought a 2-pack pregnancy test. With my hand shaking I peed on the stick (Too graphic? Then you can stop reading! It's my story!) "YES"! Well that's not an ambiguous line now is it? What to do now?! Mark wasn't home and I'm home alone in an emotional wreck! I always joked with him that I would just post it on our blog and wait for him to find out :) but now that I'm actually in the situation what to do?

I ended up calling him and telling him on the phone. I couldn't wait for him to get home so I had to call! Conversation went a little something like this "Honey, I just took a pregnancy test and it was positive." "Really?" "Yeah." "Oh, ok." "Um... yeah." "Ok, well I'll see you at home in a little bit.... How do you feel?" "I'm freakin' out right now!" "Really?" "Yeah." "Oh, ok, well I love you." "Love you too." Then I started crying. Why? I have no idea!

So that's how I told him. Not as imaginative as how I thought I'd do it, but there it is. Although I did imagine how wonderful it would be to see his surprised face when he walked in and me just holding this pink little stick... oh well. When he got home he told me to take another. HAH! I love his practicality. Not like we were preventing this from happening or anything, it just happened really really soon after we decided we would stop preventing it.. you know? Anyway.. I took another one just for him and made him watch so he knew I wasn't kidding :) (I may of may not have joked in the past that I would get a pregnant woman to take a test for me and take it home...) Well now he knows!

My first test.

The fist and second.

I'll say it for you-- Congratulations! Hey, thanks!

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  1. So Mark told us you were preggo, but for some reason I missed this post. In fact I missed all of these posts, it just told me on my blog today that you had updated things. Weird! Congrats again!