Monday, July 5, 2010

Carrie UnderWho?

This year we didn't have a family connection for free Stadium of Fire tickets, but we scored some good free ones from work! The star of the night? Carrie Underwood! She was awesome! Although Mark and I don't know her music very well, I was so surprised how awesome she sounded live! It was truly wonderful!

Sadly the highlight of the night was someone caught on fire to the left of us.... On the field they had fireworks set up on different stands around the arena. The one to our left misfired and instead of firing straight up into the air it shanked and went straight into the stands. A girl's hair caught on fire, and a man's pants caught on fire and he had to roll around on the ground to put it out. The weird thing was that the response of the helpers on the field were so slow. Either no one saw it right away or they were all just in awe that something that horrible was happening. They were able to put him out, but someone must have gotten fired for that.. it was awful.

Besides that horrible horrible mess, the fireworks were amazing! We weren't as close to the stage this year as we were last year, but that ended up being a good thing because we weren't covered in ash at the end of it all.

Beautiful and talented!

The fireworks were absolutely gorgeous!

The stadium was literally on fire!

I was surprised at how low the fireworks came. Especially after the guy caught fire, it made me pretty apprehensive.

We're so adorable. We had been tanning all summer. I think you can tell with me.. maybe not Mark. :)

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